Leadership Navigation


Leaders have to have a different approach on issues otherwise they omit their unique feature. A leader is a navigator of a group. He needs training that conducts his skills ahead of time . A leader also has to be be aware of the value and influence of location, often dicribed as Feng Shui. The tiger who descends from the mountain can be defeated by dogs. In other words leaders need to master the 5spheres, The spheres are mental, physical, social, local and the timely. 




The Content of leadership navigation is focuses on mental and physical strength, understanding of

social issues and awareness of environment/location and time.



Taiji means supreme ultimate force. Taiji is about activating and obtaining the energy Qi (vital energy that keeps the universe what it is).

 If the body is lacking Qi the ageing process accelerates, health problems are on the rise, cancer is about to develop and the risk of chronicle diseases increases. Tai Chi is a method of healing, keeping health and gaining fitness. Taiji is a martial art. The Taiji requirements are being soft like cotton and hard like iron, flexible like a child and lithe like a cat.


Qi Gong

Qi Gong cultivates Qi. The exercises are about breathing, moving, stretching and keeping focused


The art of Qi Gong is being usedin Chinese medicine for healing and prevention against ageing and diseases. In martial arts Qi Gong is the method to master the use of Qi in a fight. Unlike Tai Chi (Taiji) Qi Gong is not a kind of martial art, but many martial arts techniques and systems derive from Qi Gong.


In order to face a dramatically changing world with success it is required to obtain physical and mental strength. The exercises are designed to enhance health conditions and mental abilities.




Leadership program


Leadership navigation seminars


Stratagems and strategies navigation


Leadership fitness


Environment check (Feng Shui)



Suggested Schedule for Taiji and


Qi Gong classes


Weekend classes


Crash course weekend classes very second week, duration 3 month


Daily morning classes


Holiday classes